Pro Plan

Information & Details

- Social Media Account Setup
- Social Media Posting Lead Nurturing
- Website Design & Audit
- Google My Business Ranking
- Website SEO (Ranking)
- Video Editing With Intro + Outro (Course, YouTube, Social Media)
- Social Media Advertising (Build Lookalike Audiences) - 15% To 20% Charge On Budget
- Search Engine Marketing (SEM Keyword Research) - 15% To 20% Charge On Budget
- Lead Generation (Right Audience Targeting) - 25% To 30% Charge On Budget
- Competitive Analysis
- Calendly (Appointment Setting)
- Email Automation (Nurture & Engage) Template Design
- Marketing API Integration
- Strategy And Planning
- 24/7 Support Available
- Ultimate Features

Experience Elite Transformation with Our
Pro Plan:

  • Social Media Account Setup: Establish a powerful presence across major platforms.
  • Social Media Posting & Lead Nurturing: Engage and nurture leads with strategic content.
  • Website Design & Audit: Optimize your online hub for maximum impact.
  • Google My Business Ranking: Enhance local visibility for broader reach.
  • Website SEO (Ranking): Improve search engine rankings for increased visibility.
  • Video Editing with Intro + Outro: Professional editing for courses, YouTube, and social media.
  • Social Media Advertising: Build lookalike audiences for targeted campaigns (15% to 20% charge on budget).
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Conduct keyword research for impactful campaigns (15% to 20% charge on budget).
  • Lead Generation: Target the right audience for increased conversions (25% to 30% charge on budget).
  • Competitive Analysis: Stay ahead with insights into market dynamics.
  • Calendly (Appointment Setting): Streamline scheduling for seamless interactions.
  • Email Automation (Nurture & Engage): Expertly designed templates for effective communication.
  • Marketing API Integration: Harness the power of seamless integrations.
  • Strategy and Planning: Tailored strategies aligned with your business goals.
  • 24/7 Support Available: Expert assistance whenever you need it.
  • Ultimate Features: Unlock the full potential of our comprehensive digital solutions.

Choose excellence, opt for the Pro Plan and redefine your digital success journey.

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